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Yearly Archives: 2011

Learning How to Read with a Learning Disability


Children with learning disabilities require special patience during the learning process, yet many learning disabilities can be overcome with proper instructional methods. Learning-how-to-read lessons should be broken into smaller sections for these children to be able to absorb and retain the knowledge. By only being exposed to one concept at a time, they can fully […]

Learn to Spell Is an Important Skill for Children to Develop


Spelling is a foundation of writing. Children must learn to spell in order to be able to write well. As they progress through their education, children will be required to write stories and research papers. Being able to form correct sentences using correct spelling will result in higher grades. More importantly, these are skills that […]

Learn How to Read Faster in a Short Period of Time


While there are plenty of television programs available to help children learn how to read, spell, and count, you don’t need to rely on these programs alone. Sitting your child in front of the television for hours on end is not productive and can lead to boredom. There is another learn-to-read program available, which is […]

Rating Yourself as Your Child’s Reading Instructor


As we reach the halfway point in the school year and the holidays have arrived, it may be time to assess your own skills as your child’s reading instructor. So far you’ve been carefully monitoring your child’s progress, and comparing his achievements to the norm. Aren’t you secretly wondering, however, how you’re doing when it […]

Reading Programs for Kids can also Help Adults


Adults who do not know how to read often have problems finding reading programs that do not interfere with their jobs. Instead of going to a class on certain nights, you can use an online program that lets you complete the lessons in your own time on your own schedule. This also gives you the […]

How Can a Phonics Reading Program Help My Children


A phonics reading program can help your children by teaching them how to read without the boredom often associated with memorization. Children learn to read by learning the different sounds that the individual letters make. They can then combine these sounds and make words. This type of program has been proven to be the most […]

Help you Children Read with Online Phonics


You can help your children learn to read by using online phonics programs. These programs teach children to read the same way they learned to speak, by imitating the sounds of the different letters. They can then combine those sounds into words, letting them read words they have never encountered before. They can even improve […]

San Diego Family Magazine’s 2011 Online Toy Review


Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics has been selected for San Diego Family Magazine’s 2011 Online Toy Review. Read The Review HERE!

Getting Help When Learning How to Read


Children who are learning how to read receive help in school, but what about adults who have problems with reading? They either graduated from school or dropped out without developing this essential ability. If you know an adult in this situation, there are phonics programs available online that will help them learn how to read, […]

Children Learn to Spell with Online Phonics Program


Many children have a hard time when they try to learn to spell. With an online phonics program, they can combine spelling with lessons on learning how to read. The children learn the different sounds made by the individual letters and then learn to combine these sounds into words. They can also take a new […]