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5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Learn to Spell

Spelling and vocabulary is a tough task to overcome for almost any child, and parents don’t always know the right pathway to take, in order to help their child cross these obstacles. Here are some tips that may prove useful:

  1. Practice! The two of you aren’t going to get anywhere by simply acknowledging that the task ahead is a tough one, however that is a good first step to take.  You’re going to have to practice those words, letter combinations, sounds, and more to get better at it, so designate some time in each study session to do just that.
  2. Work Slowly: Your child is likely to revolt if you try to take on new material too quickly. Instead, break that material up as much as you can. Practice for just a few minutes each day without trying to add too much new information to the mix. Don’t forget to add a bit of review in there along with those newer skills every day so your child doesn’t forget previously covered material.
  3. Don’t Forget About the Sounds: Saying a word or a sound aloud before spelling it, is important. Your child can’t learn to read if they can’t recognize sounds, and helping them pronounce things correctly is an absolute must. Work with sounds and spelling, to encourage your child to recognize patterns as often as possible.
  4. Use A Variety of Techniques: Helping your child learn to spell doesn’t just come from memorization. It is much more than just testing a child on how many words was he/she able to remember. It is about experimenting with lots of different techniques which can help your child acquire more skill on how to spell.  Feel free to try something new with each new word, concept, or sound. You may discover something that works perfectly for your child.
  5. Don’t Forget About Games: From manipulatives to online learning systems, teaching your child to spell can often involve fun games that you may not have thought about before. Crossword puzzles are a natural, but so are magnetic letters, Scrabble, and other kinds of word puzzles. Take advantage of online learning games which can help your child become a better speller.

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