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All the Best Apps on the ClickN KIDS Tablet

It’s been less than a year since the ClickN KIDS Family Tablet was released for sale exclusively on Walmart.com and, in that time, the product has been a consistent bestseller. Looney Tunes Phonics directly aligns with a phonics curriculum required by schools nationwide, therefore parents and teachers are able to incorporate ClickN KIDS tablet to their daily lessons.

In addition to the great curriculum provided,  ClickN KIDS tablet is the first of its kind to offer a dual-purpose interface, designed for both kids and grownups.

Adults are able to surf the net, download these popular apps everyone loves, research the next family vacation spot and more, and do it all in their own virtual space where kids are only allowed with your permission. Children however, are able to enjoy the tablet through The Kids Place, which offers access to Looney Tunes Phonics and other, over 30 pre-loaded apps such as:

Talking Tom Cat 2 

With an almost 5 star rating, Talking Tom is a favorite in the Google Play store. Tom is a cat, who responds to touch and repeats everything the child says to him with a hilarious voice. Pet him, poke him, grab his tail and even customize his appearance with new accessories, clothes, and toys. This version also includes fun new actions, involving friendly explosions, pillow smashed and free gold rewards just for playing with Tom every day.


Kids will be amazed with this game, its graphics and capabilities. They can run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide, and even fly! As progress is made through levels more challenging game-play, obstacles and hazards such as spikes, chasms, zip-lines, slides, ledges, holes, and spider bots get unlocked. With 175 challenging levels, timing and puzzle solving skills are applied to complete and unlock hundreds of playable characters.

Team Awesome 

The ultimate in escapism… Four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs… Until one day a mysterious meteor crashed to earth and made everything… AWESOME! This game has everything: aliens, robots, explosions, cats, trains, trucks, and shiny gold coins… lots of shiny gold coins!

ClickN KIDS tablet is a source or great entertainment for the whole family and educational one for the kids. This fully loaded tablet comes out of the box in 8 different colors and a matching gel case for superior protection and style. Visit Walmart.com to order a tablet, or visit ClickNKIDS.com to learn more about our educational products.


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