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Games vs. Educational Games

Many products currently on the market may claim to have an educational component, but don’t comply with U.S. Department of Education standards.  At ClickN KIDS, education comes first, then, the part kids love – a whole lot of fun!

While education is the primary focus, it’s imperative to keep children engaged.  This is the first educational game modeled after the most popular kids’ runner design, marketed through a managed influencer network and designed by the award‑winning animator of a legendary Sony best‑selling game.

The core to ClickN KIDS is creating educational software, primarily products that help children with reading, spelling and early learning. ClickN KIDS material complies with the research that is required by the federal government and acceptable for use in classrooms. In addition, any ClickN KIDS product is available on all platforms such as Android and iOS.

ClickN KIDS and partners are embracing and celebrating mobile devices and mobile apps not just to deliver educational games, but also digital toys and tools to encourage children to play, laugh, and create as they learn.

ClickN KIDS features:

  • 100 phonics lessons
  • Customizable lesson structure and entertainment content
  • Detailed lesson report cards
  • Content that aligns with U.S. public schools core language arts curriculum
  • Tools for struggling readers
  • Building blocks to give children early reading success
  • Entertainment that engages and motivates kids to learn
  • No violence

ClickN KIDS has invented a fun and exciting technology-based solution that enables children the world over to master reading and spelling and to start their young lives with self-confidence!

ClickN KIDS’ proprietary programs provide parents and teachers with valuable personalized feedback on a child’s learning progress and offer a plan of action for continued improvement.

By carefully interlacing the iconic cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Tweetie Bird, Road Runner, the Tazmanian Devil and more, Looney Tunes Phonics keeps students engaged while they learn.

Please visit ClickNKIDS.com and LooneyTunesPhonics.com for free sample lessons. You can also check out our ClickN KIDS Tablet that come pre-loaded with Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics, available exclusively in Walmart near you and Walmart.com. Individual apps can be purchased on the iTunes App Store, and on Google Play.


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