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Help Your Child Develop A Passion For Learning!

When they are very little, it seems like the love they have for getting to know the world comes naturally. They ask you a million questions a day about various subjects, which shows they are striving for knowledge. Although, as they get older, it becomes much more difficult to keep their attention on task at hand and therefore, a little support is a must if you want to create a lifelong learner.

Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Build on Your Child’s Interests. If your child is interested in a certain concept or even a certain character, build on their passion. Do not be alarmed if your child in only interested in one particular subject matter. If fact, when they are concentrating on one subject at a time, it is more likely they will know the subject in depth. Find materials such as books, other reading materials, outdoor activities, even cartoons and games that are of interests to your child. For example, online games such as Looney Tunes phonics are a great way to tie learning in with a set of characters your child already loves. When grouping these characters together with educational content, helps your little ones stay on track and have fun while doing it.
  • Stay Engaged. Children love seeing their mommy and daddy be as excited about their interest as they do. When your child gets engaged in their favorite activity, join them and show your enthusiasm. With that, you not only encouraging your child to keep going, but also monitoring their activity and progress first hand. Whether your child is just learning how to read, working on multiplication, or tackling even tougher skills, stay with them. Ask about their progress and learn more about what you can do to help. Be sure to make yourself available when they have question. The more interest you show in your child’s learning, the more likely he or she will continue to want to learn.
  • Make it Available. If learning is only something that happens at school, your child is going to lose interest very quickly. In this day and age, there are numerous educational materials available at your fingertips.  From educational tablets to books to flash cards, all can be used to engage your child in learning and way from mindless TV shows and video games.
  • Be a Good Role Model. Most often than not, your child will lead by example. If he/she seems you spending your time on a couch in front of a tv, they will do the same. However, if you engage yourself in activities such as reading, obtaining a new skill or even working on a new fun project both of you can do together, you child will appreciate the effort and repeat the action.   After all, you are their authority figure and they want to be just like mommy and daddy.

Becoming a lifelong learner does not happen overnight and requires quite a bit of effort. However, if done correctly your child will be longing for knowledge every step of the way.



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