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How Much is Too Much?

When working with children, it’s common knowledge that getting them to do something they simply don’t enjoy is an on-going struggle, one that will eventually end in failure and frustration for both you and your child.  Reading can be a prime example of this type of struggle.  If children start relating reading to a chore or punishment early on, such a negative associations can last a lifetime and result in little interest and desire to read all throughout their life.

This is a topic of great concern for education activists, illustrators and authors, who recently sent a signed a letter to President Obama.  The letter addresses the amount of standardized testing in schools, citing them as a reason that children are losing their love of books.  Organized by advocacy group, the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest), the letter states, “We are alarmed at the negative impact of excessive school testing mandates… on children’s love of reading and literature.” It goes on to explain, “Our public school students spend far too much time preparing for reading tests and too little time curling up with books that fires their imaginations.”

It goes without saying that testing is a valuable part of the educational process. It could be that the problem lies not in the testing itself, but in how children are taught to read in the first place. Using tools that are fun and, perhaps more importantly effective, could be a way for educators to have their cake and eat it too – teaching children to read in a way that instills a love of the skill, while maintaining a testing regimen that allow them to track the progress of their students.

ClickN KIDS created an affordable, cloud-based, game-like tutorial for young children with a curriculum at or above state-level standards. The “teachers” are familiar cartoon characters who provide constant encouragement, and personalized feedback.

Teachers and parents are urged to test ClickN KIDS products at ClickNKIDS.com and LooneyTunesPhonics.com.  With a fun and exciting technology-based solutions, children all over the world are empowered to master reading and spelling that will help them to start their young lives with a love of reading!


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