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In The Thick Of The Holidays

The holidays are here! It’s time to gather and celebrate with our families and loved ones. It’s also a great time to celebrate your child’s newly acquired reading skills and show them off to everyone. Whether you child is homeschooled or not, however, it’s time to rest, relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Many parents may be reluctant to stop the learning process in its tracks for a holiday break, especially if their children have experienced recent breakthroughs and are on a roll when it comes to decoding skills. Still, you don’t want to chain your child to his desk and tell him to keep his nose buried in his leveled reader, especially when the other children are running around the neighborhood and having fun. Chances are that he’s earned this break, and he wants to celebrate as well.

The best strategy for keeping your child’s reading and writing skills intact over the holidays is by simply sticking to the basics. For instance, family reading time should not only be preserved through the holidays but enhanced. Bring other family members into the fold, ones that aren’t usually around during the rest of the year, and have them participate in story time. A new voice reading holiday stories will certain be interesting to your child.

Other holiday traditions can be implemented into reading time such as Advent calendars, or greeting cards from friends and loved ones. You can even turn on the closed captioning feature on your television and turn down the volume so family members can take turns supplying the voices to your favorite holiday programs.

With a little imagination, you can keep your child’s reading and writing skills sharp over the holidays. By the time the first of January rolls around, you will both be rested, happy and ready to start a new year of learning!

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