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Incorporating Typing into Programs to Give Kids a Head Start

Twenty years ago, students were still being taught to type on old typewriters; later, they learned computer keyboards at a younger age. Today, toddlers have mastered the use of tablets and smartphones. As technology becomes more pervasive in our daily lives, typing well and efficiently becomes a necessity – yet another way that ClickN KIDS products help kids excel.

Lisa Nielsen, “The Innovative Educator,” is an advocate of teaching children to type, and to do it early. She praises the virtues of the skill: improved hand-eye coordination, and letter recognition, and is an effective way to share thoughts and ideas.  She adds that typing frees up the mind, stating, “Perhaps the most important reason to get kids typing is to help get them thinking faster.  In academic terms this is called cognitive automaticity. With typing we are freed from the slowness of handwriting, finally allowing us to get our ideas down at the speed of thought. If you’re hung up on the lost art of handwriting, here’s some food for thought.  “I haven’t written by hand in more than five years…” 

ClickN KIDS user testimonials corroborate the benefits of teaching children to type at an early age. Dr. Lara Ashmore, Ph.D., M.Ed., CEO & Founder of Inspire Brilliance in Fairview, Texas, shared her thoughts on the topic, saying “One of the most useful benefits of ClickN READ Phonics is the way the program incorporates typing skills into the lessons. I have not seen any other reading program software that includes this essential skill as part of computer-based literacy instruction. Typing is an essential skill many children lack, even those with years of computer experience. ClickN READ Phonics provides numerous advantages to students, teachers and parents who want to provide the best tools available to help children learn to read.

The ClickN KIDS curriculum is based on recommendations from the National Reading Panel and was developed by nationally recognized early education research professor J. Ron Nelson, Ph.D. Dr.Nelson is also Director of Curriculum Development for CNK Digital.

CNK Digital specializes in interactive phonics and spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN Kids Family Tablet.



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