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Kids Place Provides Parental Controls

As we continue to embrace the digital era and all the changes it brings to our lives – or forces us to accept – new generations are mastering technology at increasingly younger ages.  When ClickN Kids was just a startup back in the early 2000’s, we tailored our product to children old enough to use a mouse, generally age four or older, because that was the easiest way for young children to access our programs.  Now, tablets, with their easily-accessible touchscreens, are becoming a household item, making our curriculum available to younger audiences.

Along with this ease of use, however, comes the need for controls – ensuring our children’s safety online.  With the ClickN Kids Family Tablet, parental controls are built in, and the tablets are safe for kids to use right out of the box. To design the safest user experience possible, we partnered with Kids Place, a top-rated app-launcher.

Kids Place includes parental controls and a child lock that both protects personal data and restricts kids to the Kids section of the ClickN Kids Family Tablet. With Kids Place installed, kids gets fun time and parents can get some much-needed peace and free time.

Here are some of the Kids Place features:

  • Prevents children from buying or downloading new apps
  • Timed use locks Kids Place after specified amount of time
  • Provides option to disable all wireless signals
  • Restarts apps if they are accidentally stopped by small children
  • Requires personal ID number to exit out of the app

ClickN KIDS specializes in interactive phonics and spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN Kids Family Tablet.

For more information, visit ClickN KIDS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on the ClickN KIDS Blog.



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