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More Reading, Better Writing


In a society where everything is so fast-paced, on-the-go and digital, it is hard to find the time to read. I can admit with all honesty that I was never big on reading. As a kid I distracted myself with all kinds of activities just to avoid reading. It was a real chore for me […]

All the Best Apps on the ClickN KIDS Tablet


It’s been less than a year since the ClickN KIDS Family Tablet was released for sale exclusively on Walmart.com and, in that time, the product has been a consistent bestseller. Looney Tunes Phonics directly aligns with a phonics curriculum required by schools nationwide, therefore parents and teachers are able to incorporate ClickN KIDS tablet to […]

Using Positive Reinforcement to Help Children Learn


The concept of positive reinforcement may be unfamiliar territory for many parents. Some might even associate the idea with disciplining a pet, by giving them a bone as a reward. However, positive reinforcement is actually a very effective strategy when it comes to your child’s behavior. It helps children understand good behavior from bad and […]

Kids Prefer Physical Books


By mid 2013, 20% of book sales were ebooks – whether read on a dedicated reading device like a Kindle, or an app used on a tablet.  And though one in five books is now being read electronically, the trend has not impacted the publishing industry as negatively as was once feared: Forty-six per cent […]