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Full STEAM Ahead!


Most parents are familiar with the term STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The concept has been widely advocated among teachers and parents and eventually evolved by adding Arts to the mix, changing the acronym to STEAM. To quote STEM to STEAM, the organization that has created the concept  “Art + Design are poised […]

Games vs. Educational Games


Many products currently on the market may claim to have an educational component, but don’t comply with U.S. Department of Education standards.  At ClickN KIDS, education comes first, then, the part kids love – a whole lot of fun! While education is the primary focus, it’s imperative to keep children engaged.  This is the first […]

ClickN Kids Tablet Tops Walmart Bestseller List, Wows Users


Within the first few weeks of its October 2013 release date, the ClickN Kids Family Tablet has already garnered an enthusiastic response from the public.  Five-star reviews are the norm on Walmart.com, with mommy and daddy bloggers chiming in with glowing, independent reviews on their own sites.  Wonderful product! I bought two of these and almost […]