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How Much is Too Much?


When working with children, it’s common knowledge that getting them to do something they simply don’t enjoy is an on-going struggle, one that will eventually end in failure and frustration for both you and your child.  Reading can be a prime example of this type of struggle.  If children start relating reading to a chore […]

Want to Teach Your Child to Read? Try This!


Maybe you have done your research and are interested in working with your child to improve her reading abilities or get her started reading early.  You are probably bombarded with suggestions regarding the best method for learning how to read.  There are many programs on the market to help you supplement your child’s education, and […]

Learn to Read


Learn to Read English using Phonics   Anyone that wants to learn to read English can use phonics programs to help develop their language skills. There are different programs which not only teach children and non-English speaking people how to read English, but also teach them how to spell and form proper sentences. Phonics programs […]



What are Phonics Teaching Methods?   Phonics uses different letter and word sound patterns to teach children and adults how to read, write and spell words in the English language. Beginner programs focus on letter sounds, and then build upon this to incorporate word sound patterns for different words and then uses these skills to […]