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Video Games : Friend or Foe


  With all the technology available to us, the question still remains, is playing video games good or bad? As video games wheel in to our children’s lives, parents have labeled them as “time-wasters”, “brain-damaging activities” and many other negative connotations.   More times then not, children’s anti-social behavior is blamed on video games. However, […]

More Reading, Better Writing


In a society where everything is so fast-paced, on-the-go and digital, it is hard to find the time to read. I can admit with all honesty that I was never big on reading. As a kid I distracted myself with all kinds of activities just to avoid reading. It was a real chore for me […]

Back To School Rituals


Written by Erica Bolotsky Attention parents: “back-to-school” season has started. Let’s all sigh together. Now what it really means is you have to start waking up earlier and getting your kids back on an early school schedule, battling the refusal to review some math before the next grade level, and A LOT of shopping (maybe […]

How to Benefit from the Educational Technologies That Are Shaping the Future of Education

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Cloud Computing by Alan Scalone, CNK Digital When it comes to the educational technologies available to teach our children to read you’ll definitely see three categories emerge: yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a parent of a child learning to read, you probably still remember the instructional books you used when you were a child. If […]

ClickN KIDS donates Looney Tunes Phonics software program to the San Fernando Valley affiliate of the Boys & Girls Club


by Sharon Dellorco November 2, 2011 PACOIMA, CA. – “Project READ” instituted by ClickN KIDS, donates 300 free licenses to their Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics Software to the Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley broadening the scope of “Project READ”. The Boys & Girls Club, with its beginnings in 1860, was started […]

Independent Reading: When It Should Be Introduced in the Classroom


Halloween is drawing near, and your child may be interesting in reading some good old-fashioned ghost stories now that daily reading goals are being met. This may pose a dilemma, however, especially since you’re committed to sticking to leveled readers in order to build your child’s decoding skills. Should you veer off course a little […]

Reading Programs


Phonics Reading Programs   One of the hardest parts about teaching children is keeping their attention during a lesson.  With a phonics reading program, your children will be engaged during the lesson by combining cartoons and entertaining video clips with their reading lessons.  They will get to watch a short segment of the cartoon and […]

8 Little-Known Phonics Tips For Faster Reading Success


If your child is running into obstacles while learning how to read, there are a few steps you can take to ensure success. In most cases these tips are simple common knowledge, while others are little-known “secrets” that educators use to obtain faster results. 1. Get your child away from the TV set and have […]

The Word of the Month for October: Fluency


Now that your child is a few weeks into the school year, it’s time to assess their fluency when it comes to reading. Fluency, to put it simply, is the ability to read text with both accuracy and speed. You’re probably used to seeing the word fluent associated with the learning of a foreign language. […]

Choosing Phonics-Based Reading Materials for Your Child


If your child is enrolled in public school, you can be confident that the reading materials are based upon systematic and explicit phonics instruction. That’s because public schools in the US must adhere to the No Child Left Behind Act, and their core curriculum is strictly defined and must be based on these teaching materials. […]