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What Should You Look For In Online Reading Programs for Kids?


You want to do everything in your power to help your child learn to read, right? For many parents, that means finding the right online reading programs for kids so the two of you can practice those newfound skills at home together. How do you choose the perfect program, though, and ensure you’re not simply […]

Reading Programs


Phonics Reading Programs   One of the hardest parts about teaching children is keeping their attention during a lesson.  With a phonics reading program, your children will be engaged during the lesson by combining cartoons and entertaining video clips with their reading lessons.  They will get to watch a short segment of the cartoon and […]

Phonics Reading


Finding a Phonics Reading Program   Finding a phonics reading program for your children is as easy as visiting the ClickN KIDS website at www.clicknkids.com.  They have a complete line of reading programs that mixes lessons on reading with entertaining cartoons and videos.  This lets your child watch some of their favorite characters while they […]

Learn How to Read


Online Programs to Learn How to Read   The best online program to learn how to read is the phonics program offered by ClickN KIDS.  It combines video game-like environments with cartoons to keep your child interested in the lessons.  It also helps them by teaching them the rules of different letter combinations, so they […]



What are Phonics Teaching Methods?   Phonics uses different letter and word sound patterns to teach children and adults how to read, write and spell words in the English language. Beginner programs focus on letter sounds, and then build upon this to incorporate word sound patterns for different words and then uses these skills to […]