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The One Thing You Should Look For In Reading Programs for Kids


If you’re like most parents, helping a little one who is learning how to read certainly isn’t an easy task. It’s filled with frustration and anxiety for kids and parents alike, and while you don’t want to throw up your hands and walk away from the table, it can be tough not to. Outside reading […]

Help Your Child Develop A Passion For Learning!


When they are very little, it seems like the love they have for getting to know the world comes naturally. They ask you a million questions a day about various subjects, which shows they are striving for knowledge. Although, as they get older, it becomes much more difficult to keep their attention on task at […]

The Importance of Teaching Kids Phonics


As your child gets introduced to the world of reading, you, as a parent, will be introduced to some terminology, essential to the process, which you may or may not be familiar with. You will hear terms such as sight words, decoding, emerging and phonics. All these terms have a separate meaning that is in […]

What Should You Look For In Online Reading Programs for Kids?


You want to do everything in your power to help your child learn to read, right? For many parents, that means finding the right online reading programs for kids so the two of you can practice those newfound skills at home together. How do you choose the perfect program, though, and ensure you’re not simply […]

Reading Programs for Kids


Reading Programs for Kids Using Phonics   When teaching children how to read, there are different methods which teachers will utilize, including phonics. Reading programs for kids which are designed around using phonics, teaches them how to sound out words and begin to recognize specific word patterns and sound patterns. These programs continue to build […]