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How to Benefit from the Educational Technologies That Are Shaping the Future of Education

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Cloud Computing by Alan Scalone, CNK Digital When it comes to the educational technologies available to teach our children to read you’ll definitely see three categories emerge: yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a parent of a child learning to read, you probably still remember the instructional books you used when you were a child. If […]

Incorporating Typing into Programs to Give Kids a Head Start


Twenty years ago, students were still being taught to type on old typewriters; later, they learned computer keyboards at a younger age. Today, toddlers have mastered the use of tablets and smartphones. As technology becomes more pervasive in our daily lives, typing well and efficiently becomes a necessity – yet another way that ClickN KIDS […]

All the Best Apps on the ClickN KIDS Tablet


It’s been less than a year since the ClickN KIDS Family Tablet was released for sale exclusively on Walmart.com and, in that time, the product has been a consistent bestseller. Looney Tunes Phonics directly aligns with a phonics curriculum required by schools nationwide, therefore parents and teachers are able to incorporate ClickN KIDS tablet to […]

How Much is Too Much?


When working with children, it’s common knowledge that getting them to do something they simply don’t enjoy is an on-going struggle, one that will eventually end in failure and frustration for both you and your child.  Reading can be a prime example of this type of struggle.  If children start relating reading to a chore […]

Kids Prefer Physical Books


By mid 2013, 20% of book sales were ebooks – whether read on a dedicated reading device like a Kindle, or an app used on a tablet.  And though one in five books is now being read electronically, the trend has not impacted the publishing industry as negatively as was once feared: Forty-six per cent […]

ClickN Kids Tablet Tops Walmart Bestseller List, Wows Users


Within the first few weeks of its October 2013 release date, the ClickN Kids Family Tablet has already garnered an enthusiastic response from the public.  Five-star reviews are the norm on Walmart.com, with mommy and daddy bloggers chiming in with glowing, independent reviews on their own sites.  Wonderful product! I bought two of these and almost […]