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The Importance of Teaching Kids Phonics

As your child gets introduced to the world of reading, you, as a parent, will be introduced to some terminology, essential to the process, which you may or may not be familiar with. You will hear terms such as sight words, decoding, emerging and phonics. All these terms have a separate meaning that is in its own way important to new readers; however we would like to concentrate your attention on phonics in particular. The concept of phonics is behind an idea that letters and sounds all work together to form a word.  According to latest studies, phonics is one of the top concepts used throughout American class rooms, teaching children how to read.

Why Bother With Phonics?

If you do your research right, it is evident that there are many different concepts when it comes to teaching children to read, so why choose phonics as your primary resource? Phonics, introduces a way of decoding a written word by sounding it out in turn, teaching children not only the way the word is read, but also how it is spelled. These who learn through phonics, are able to move through at their own pace, therefore developing better comprehension of what they are readying, improves fluency and become more confident readers.

Now that you know what phonics is and how it helps your child become a great reader, let’s take a look at some phonics based reading programs that can be implemented in a classroom setting as well as at home. Let’s consider award winning ClickN Kids LooneyTunes phonics program. It is based on an educational curriculum that is designed to introduce children to phonics, build on the skills they already have and turn them into quick and efficient readers.

Thanks to the inclusion of great characters like the Looney Tunes gang as well as fun, fast-paced games your child is certain to love, this is one system that guarantees results. It offers extensive parental control in form of reporting that helps better track your child’s progress. Based on reading instruction research that spans the last two decades, your child’s skills and love for reading will improve rapidly with ClickN Kids. Whether you use the phonics program from your home computer or the new ClickN Kids tablet, this is one reading system you and your child will turn to again and again for the practice necessary to build a fantastic reader.

Phonics may just be one method of reading instruction, but it’s easily the best choice to ensure your child gets the help they need.


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