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The Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics App

With one in five students participating in distance and online education as a standard part of their undergraduate studies, it’s becoming clear that this form of coursework is not only convenient – it’s also increasingly effective.  As the trend begins to trickle down from universities all the way to elementary schools, programming is becoming better suited to students’ needs, and offering a more individualized experience, with more delivery and use options.

Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics comes pre-loaded on the ClickN KIDS Tablet available exclusively on Walmart.com, is available online and as an app in the iTunes App Store, and on Google Play.  The Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics program incorporates the research-based curriculum of the highly acclaimed ClickN READ Phonics program and features the zany antics of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety, and more. Guided by Professor Wizbot and the 100 interactive lessons geared toward children in kindergarten to third grade, kids will learn to read the correct way.  Similar to other ClickNKIDS products, Looney Tunes™ ClickN READ® Phonics features:

  • 100 phonics lessons
  • Customizable lesson structure and entertainment content
  • Detailed lesson report cards
  • Curriculum which aligns with that of U.S. public schools core language arts

And users are as happy with the app as with other ClickN KIDS products:

FREAK PICS (5 stars)

The best APP ever… My son has a short attention span so something broken up and entertaining is great. You can customize how much “tunes” it plays also and take it off if you want to. They won’t progress until they are ready. It’s fantastic!

Love this app!!

Angelmommy74 (5 stars)

I have twins & both are getting ready for 1st grade. They are on different levels. I love how I can customize each child’s game to their level of learning. It is a fun game with the cartoons that interact with the game & keep my boys focused on learning… I have seen a difference in my twins since they started playing & learning.

Creeos (3 stars)

The graphics and interactivity in this app are amazing. This is a very well constructed app designed as a phonics learner for kids. It has funny video cut scenes, and a cute little interactive robot who acts as your guide and teacher.


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