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Want to Teach Your Child to Read? Try This!

Maybe you have done your research and are interested in working with your child to improve her reading abilities or get her started reading early.  You are probably bombarded with suggestions regarding the best method for learning how to read.  There are many programs on the market to help you supplement your child’s education, and it can be difficult to determine what fits your needs best.  Well, research actually indicates that there is one single best way to teach your child to read, and we have several strategies to help you capitalize on that method!

Phonics instruction is the best way to teach your child to read.  While other methods have been tried, such as whole word reading or context reading, phonics is tried and true and very much back in favor.  This is because phonics are an essential part of a comprehensive approach to reading.  Phonics give children the ability to decipher words they may not initially recognize by offering them a system to take them through any text.  This decoding system enables them to feel confident when they encounter new words or unfamiliar text.  Poor reading is often the result of overreliance on a system based on guesswork.  Phonics takes the guesswork out of reading.

When some parents think about phonics, they may have ideas about the old “drill and kill” methods they may have experienced in school, full of rote learning that may or may not stick.  But phonics education does not have to be like that at all, and in fact, a lot of progress has been made in this area to make instruction easier, livelier and more interactive.  By taking advantage of the newest innovations in technology on the market, you can easily have a customized experience to improve your child’s reading fluency and mastery.

ClickN KIDS offers a web-based learn to read and spell program that is regarded by the academic community as cutting edge and the first of its kind.  This generation is by far the most technologically savvy generation yet, and the Internet offers many opportunities to teach phonics online your child in a format they will quickly become comfortable with.  Additionally, since you can customize the experience for your child to address either a reading deficit or simply enhance mastery, the program is far more effective than even additional classroom time in school might be.

The gift of reading is fundamental to academic success.  Other subjects in school rely on the ability to read in order to educate children, whether that subject is a history lesson or a science experiment.  Reading is common to every subject in school.  A strong foundation in reading is the key to a better academic experience.


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