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Will Phonics Help My Child Read Better?

There have been several different studies that show that the phonics system is one of the best available to help you children read at a higher grade-level. This system works by teaching children the sounds of the specific letters and then showing them how to combine those sounds into words. This lets them read words they have never encountered before. The staff here at ClickN KIDS is dedicated to ensuring your children have the best chance to improve their reading skills.

How is Phonics better than Memorization?

Phonics teaches children to read by letting them learn the sounds of the different letters and then letting them make words by combining the sounds. It is different from memorization because the children can read words that are new instead of having to memorize each word individually before they are able to recognize it in print. It also helps your child with spelling because they can match letters to sounds and reverse the process to learn how to spell .

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