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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

ClickN' READ Phonics Receives Outstanding Marks from Home School Parents

Los Angeles-CA-June 5, 2007- ClickN' READ Phonics, the world's most advanced research-based online phonics reading program, announced today that home school parents nationwide are wholeheartedly embracing the company’s new e-Learning reading program. ClickN’ READ is a patent-pending reading program featuring a series of 100 fully-animated and interactive online lessons that teach children how to read on their own via a home or school computer. A complimentary online demo of ClickN' READ Phonics is available at

For the First Time in History: Research-Based Reading Instruction Brought Right Into the Home
“Through ClickN’ READ, for the first time, children in a home school environment can now be taught by a nationally recognized research professor because the program not only simulates live classroom reading instruction but every word spoken by ClickN KID, the onscreen instructor, was written by Dr. J. Ron Nelson.” said Alan Scalone, President of ClickN’ KIDS, Inc. Because the program uses the latest research-based reading instruction that meets the highest federal and state reading standards, home school parents can use ClickN’ READ to satisfy state reading requirements for home school students,” added Scalone.”

ClickN’ READ Phonics: Beyond Learning To Read – to Self Confidence and Self Esteem
“From the start, we were confident that ClickN’ READ would be well received by home school parents, but the early feedback we’re receiving surpasses anything we could have imagined,” said Armie Carabet, CEO of ClickN’ KIDS, Inc. The company reported that customer satisfaction surveys reveal that the impact of ClickN’ READ is going well beyond the primary goal of teaching children how to read. “Parents are telling us that ClickN’ READ is not only the best resource to help teach their children how to read – it is also a key to helping children unlock the door to self confidence. And, it’s exciting to hear from so many parents who tell us that ClickN’ READ is dramatically increasing their child’s self-esteem,” added Carabet.

Interactive Online Phonics Reading Program Makes Learning How to Read “Fun”
ClickN’ READ Phonics, via a fun and interactive learning environment, features an on-screen reading buddy, “ClickN KID”, to encourage children and provide positive feedback. This “live” online instruction has been so successful that three years of instruction can be achieved in less than one year. Enthusiasm for ClickN’ READ might best be summed up by Debra Bond, a California mom who wrote, “My daughter, who just turned 4 ½, is reading at a high 3rd grade level thanks to ClickN’ READ. We started her only seven months ago and because of the program she spells, writes fluently, and loves it. The head start she has gotten is unbelievable all with only 15-20 minutes of fun a day. Thank you.”

For more information regarding ClickN” READ, call 1-877-CLICK-ABC, or use the email contact form at

About ClickN’ KIDS

ClickN’ KIDS, Inc., through ClickN’ READ Phonics, provides schools, parents, and individuals state-of-the-art, educator-approved interactive phonics software that teaches students of all ages how to read on their own via a home or school computer. Developed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, the program is based upon research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel, and meets all No Child Left Behind standards. ClickN’ READ Phonics has been used successfully in more than 2000 schools nationwide and has become a valuable resource for home school students, ESL adult students, autistic and dyslexic children, and international students in more than 100 countries. ClickN’ READ Phonics comes with a 100% learn-to-read guarantee and may be accessed online