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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ClickN’ READ Phonics® Pioneering Revolution in Software Learning

ClickN’ READ Phonics® Pioneering Revolution in Software Learning
Award-Winning Phonics Program Delivers Advanced Reading Software Online

Los Angeles-CA-February 7, 2008- ClickN’ READ Phonics®, the world’s most advanced research-based online phonics program for beginning readers, is revolutionizing the way educational software is purchased, delivered, and experienced by consumers. ClickN’ READ Phonics is a patent-pending program that teaches children how to read on their own through a series of 100 entertaining and interactive lessons delivered online, on-demand, via a home or school computer.

ClickN’ READ Phonics: Taking Educational Software Products to a Whole New Level
“ClickN’ READ Phonics really is a breakthrough, a brand new approach to delivering learning software – it’s not only the most advanced phonics reading software in the world, but it’s unprecedented in its simplicity and usability due to its innovative online delivery platform,” said Alan Scalone, president of ClickN’ KIDS, Inc. “When you combine advanced software and advanced curriculum design with online delivery that means no shipping, no installation and no download required. What it all adds up to is a consumer product experience that is unmatched in the industry,” added Scalone.

ClickN’ READ Phonics: Making Traditional Offline and CD-ROM Learning Products Obsolete
“The entire process for the parent to teach their child to learn to read is forever changed. Parents no longer need to know how to teach reading, parents no longer need to struggle to install software or figure out how to use complicated learn to read systems that involve books, tapes, flash cards and CD-ROM’s.” said Armie Carabet, CEO of ClickN’ KIDS, Inc. “It’s all about transporting children into a captivating and exciting learning environment that they absolutely love where they learn on their own, through a direct instruction environment that simulates a live classroom where everything needed to learn to read is built into the software program. Children learn on their own, parents and teachers simply need to monitor the child’s success via printable online progress reports” added Carabet.

ClickN’ READ Phonics: Offers Unprecedented Learn-To-Read Success Guarantee
To help introduce schools and parents to ClickN’ READ Phonics, the company announced that free online demos are available at The program comes with an unprecedented money-back guarantee, unlimited by time, for anyone who completes the series of 100 lessons in sequential order without 100% satisfaction

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About ClickN’ KIDS

ClickN’ KIDS, Inc., through ClickN’ READ Phonics, provides schools, parents, and individuals state-of-the-art, educator-approved interactive phonics software that teaches students of all ages how to read on their own via a home or school computer. Through a series of 100 entertaining and fully interactive online lessons, ClickN’ READ Phonics simulates a “live” teaching environment – prompting students, providing instant feedback, positive reinforcement, and comprehensive reading assessment reports. Developed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson, the program is based upon research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel, and it meets all No Child Left Behind standards. As a comprehensive and proven stand-alone direct instruction phonics reading program, it also can be used to greatly enhance instruction provided by schools. In fact, ClickN’ READ Phonics has been used successfully in more than 2000 schools nationwide and has become an invaluable resource for home school students, ESL adult students, autistic and dyslexic children, as well as international students in more than 100 countries. ClickN’ READ Phonics may be accessed online at: