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Monday, October 24, 2011


BAKERSFIELD, CA. - (October 24, 2011) - ClickN KIDS, the creators of multi-award winning online phonics reading program starts a win/win venture when they donate 300 free licenses to their Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics Software to its first participant school instituting "Project READ".

Grimmway Academy, an Arvin charter school established by the Grimm Family Education Foundation in 2011 in Arvin, Kern County, California is about to plug in, set up virtual classrooms and utilize Looney Tunes Phonics in their Language Arts Department for 25 students per day, five days a week. Grimmway Academy has a vision to provide a school choice for families that have limited English language skills and to those who are economically disadvantaged, and enabling incoming kindergarten students to achieve grade-level proficiency in the core subjects by second grade achieving above grade level proficiency. Grimmway is dedicated to having their students becoming self-motivated, competent and life-long learners with a deep love of learning. Surely, their dedication will produce leaders in their community and to return back this philosophy to Kern County.

ClickN KIDS, developers of online research based education products and software for schools and homes, was created by Dr. J. Ron Nelson in 2003. Current products in its family are ClickN READ, ClickN SPELL, and the newest member, Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics that incorporates all the characters from the beloved Looney Tunes line-up. ClickN KIDS utilizes the power of the internet to deliver interactive and individualized programs that incorporate animation, sound and instructional design with state of the art technology. In their ongoing commitment to education, new software in production includes ClickN READ Spanish, ClickN READ Queens English, ClickN MATH and ClickN SCIENCE. Their motto, "Teaching Kids One Click at a Time" thoroughly gets played out in their entertaining software that serves many children, children with reading difficulties as well as ESL adults.

This first of its kind donation program is spearheaded by ClickN Kids "Project READ", a brand new school donation and PTA fundraising program. ClickN KIDS will donate licensing to their software to qualifying schools to assist in their fundraising endeavors, and offers the opportunity to create ongoing revenue to the school by providing them with 25% residual income of all individual sales resulting from the campaign, creating an unlimited earning potential for the school.

If you'd like more information about "Project READ", or information about their software, visit, or contact (who?) at ClickN KIDS for qualifying information.