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Friday, December 14, 2007

Breakthrough Reading Program Simulates Live Classroom Environment

December 14, 2007; 03:33 AM
Los Angeles-CA -- ClickN'READ Phonics, recently rated the top program in the beginning learn to read category by Top Ten Reviews, has custom-designed its reading curriculum to support the latest research-based Direct Instruction teaching model. ClickN'READ Phonics is a patent-pending program that teaches children how to read on their own via a series of 100 carefully designed, interactive and entertaining reading lessons delivered via a home or school computer.

ClickN'READ: Interactive Instruction Makes Traditional Flash Card Type Resources Obsolete

Based on studies showing that children learn more readily in a direct instruction live classroom environment utilizing a series of carefully designed and scripted lessons, ClickN'READ is fast becoming a preferred resource for beginning readers, replacing outdated flash card type resources used by schools. "Children learn best in an environment that is both interactive and stimulating," said Alan Scalone, President of ClickN' KIDS, Inc. "Not only does ClickN" READ Phonics deliver an outstanding step-by-step curriculum in small, digestible increments, but through an "animated reading buddy" it also provides children with the constant feedback and positive reinforcement necessary to keep them moving successfully through the program," added Scalone.

ClickN'READ: Authored by Nationally Recognized Research Professor

ClickN'READ Phonics, authored by nationally recognized research professor Dr.J. Ron Nelson, takes beginning readers step-by-step through a series of 100 lessons that bring children ages 4 and up quickly to a 3rd grade reading level. The program meets all U.S. federal and state educational guidelines as mandated under the No Child Left Behind Act. ClickN'READ Phonics is ideal for both home and school because it directly aligns with all major language arts core curriculum used by public schools. In addition, ClickN'READ Phonics saves time and money because there is no expensive or complicated software to install. With a simple login at a home computer or school computer lab station, children learn how to read on their own, and their progress is easily monitored via printable reports.

ClickN'READ: Schools and Parents Can Receive Free Online Demo

To help introduce schools and parents to ClickN'READ Phonics, the company announced that free online demos are available at

About ClickN'KIDS

ClickN'KIDS, Inc, through ClickN'READ Phonics, provides schools,parents,and individuals state-of-the-art, educator-approved interactive phonics software that teaches students of all ages how to read on their own via a home or school computer. Developed by nationally recognized research professor, Dr. J. Ron Nelson, the program is based upon research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Reading Panel, and it meets all No Child Left Behind standards. As a comprehensive stand-alone direct instruction phonics reading program, it can also be used to greatly enhance instruction provided by schools. ClickN'READ Phonics is an award-winning phonics reading program that has been used successfully in more than 2000 schools worldwide and has become a valuable resource for home school students, ESL adult students, autistic and dyslexic children, as well as international students in more than 100 countries. ClickN'READ Phonics may be accessed online at: www.ClickN'