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Yearly Archives: 2012

Learning to Read Without Spending a Fortune


With a purchase price of under $60, our reading program can help children who are learning to read and whose families come from almost any economic background.  This includes a lifetime subscription to the program and any updates or expansions that are added to our online servers.  There is never anything else for you to […]

I Want My Children to Learn to Spell as Soon as Possible


If you want your children to learn to spell as soon as possible, then they should start using our spelling program at the age of three.  This is the earliest that most children can operate a computer keyboard, so they will be able to complete the lessons on their own.  We also offer child sized […]

How Was Your Phonics Program Developed


Our phonics program was developed by one of the leading educational researchers available.  Dr. J. Ron Nelson has 21 years of experience working with educators to develop learning theories.  He has received over 30 research grants, which are only awarded to researchers who show continuing progress in their chosen field.  He has several different published […]

Excel in a School Spelling Bee With The Help Of Our Spelling Program


One of the main challenges for children in school is learning how to spell correctly.  Most schools make children memorize long lists of words, take a test at the end of the week and then move on to the next set.  They are not tested on previous words, so they may lose as much as […]

Can Your School Use Our Reading Programs


We offer a special price for schools who want to use our reading program in their classrooms.  If you purchase a 2-year license, you can get our program for as little as $8 per seat.  This means that a classroom of 20 children can use our program for the entire year for as little as […]

Where can I use your Phonics program?


The great thing about our phonics program is that you can use it from any computer that has Internet access.  This is because the program is hosted on our servers and it not installed on your home computer.  You can access the program in the library, at a friend’s house, or on your work computer, […]

My child has problems using the keyboard and mouse with your Online Phonics program


Many children who are using our online phonics program may have problems using the mouse and keyboard.  This is because the mouse and keyboard that come with your computer are designed for adult sized hands.  We offer a set of keyboards that have smaller keys, closer together and mice that are designed for smaller hands.  […]

My child has a learning disability but still needs to learn to read


Our program is designed to that any child can learn to read, regardless of their learning disabilities.  We even offer a guarantee: If your child completes all 100 lessons and he or she has not learned to read, we will refund your purchase price.  This shows you that we are serious about our program and […]

How does your Reading Programs match with the NCLB?


Our reading programs meet the requirements of the NCLB that state that every child must be proficient in reading by third grade.  Children who complete our entire program will be able to pass the NCLB tests on reading and even meets the early reading first initiative.  Because it is set up for children to start […]

Can I try your Reading Program before I make a purchase?


We want you to be comfortable with your purchase, so we offer you two free sample lessons from our reading program.  These lessons show you how the program is designed and how easy it is to understand the instructions.  You can even complete the sample with your children to see if they will enjoy the […]