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Yearly Archives: 2014

Video Games : Friend or Foe


  With all the technology available to us, the question still remains, is playing video games good or bad? As video games wheel in to our children’s lives, parents have labeled them as “time-wasters”, “brain-damaging activities” and many other negative connotations.   More times then not, children’s anti-social behavior is blamed on video games. However, […]

Hooked on Reading: Books for Every Kid


Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading For majority of parents, it is quite a challenge to get their children not only to read but to enjoy it as well. However, more times than not, kids feel that reading is an assignment, not a fun activity. I remember the tears and the negotiations my parents had […]

More Reading, Better Writing


In a society where everything is so fast-paced, on-the-go and digital, it is hard to find the time to read. I can admit with all honesty that I was never big on reading. As a kid I distracted myself with all kinds of activities just to avoid reading. It was a real chore for me […]

Setting a Good Example


There are three major steps you must take to give your child the best preparation any situation life brings. Set a good example Set a good example …Can you guess the third. . In my nanny-capaids, I spent quite some time at the playground, babysitting yet another adorable little kid. At the playground, I’ve seen […]

ClickN KIDS New Tablet


CLICKN KIDS INTRODUCES TABLET WITH MULTI-AWARD WINNING LOONEY TUNES™ CLICKN READ® PHONICS PROGRAM Available on Walmart.com in Eight Popular Colors LOS ANGELES – September 15, 2013 – ClickN KIDS, a multi award-winning educational content provider, announced the launch of its first ever ClickN KIDS Tablet that is tailored to both children, including teenagers, and their […]

Back To School Rituals


Written by Erica Bolotsky Attention parents: “back-to-school” season has started. Let’s all sigh together. Now what it really means is you have to start waking up earlier and getting your kids back on an early school schedule, battling the refusal to review some math before the next grade level, and A LOT of shopping (maybe […]

ClickN KIDS Scores Big with Warner Bros. Characters.


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Popular learn-to-read program honored with prestigious TopTenREVIEWS Gold and Excellence Awards for 2014. LOS ANGELES, California (March 2014) – TopTenREVIEWS (TTR) has honored CNK Digital’s ClickN READ Phonics program with the company’s top honors – the Gold and Excellence Awards for 2014 – earning 9.95 points out of 10 total. “This fun application has animated […]

One Day In The Life Of A Millennial Kid.

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The world is rapidly changing year after year, whether we notice it or not. We live our lives not noticing how almost every month someone comes up with yet another revolutionary gadget that completely turns our world around, after which we no longer imagine our life without it. Technology entered our homes full speed – […]

How to Benefit from the Educational Technologies That Are Shaping the Future of Education

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Cloud Computing by Alan Scalone, CNK Digital When it comes to the educational technologies available to teach our children to read you’ll definitely see three categories emerge: yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a parent of a child learning to read, you probably still remember the instructional books you used when you were a child. If […]