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Back To School Rituals

Written by Erica Bolotsky

Attention parents: “back-to-school” season has started. Let’s all sigh together. Now what it really means is you have to start waking up earlier and getting your kids back on an early school schedule, battling the refusal to review some math before the next grade level, and A LOT of shopping (maybe the shopping part is fun). Regardless, there are so many blogs out there giving you the perfect way to prep your kids as if they will flawlessly grace their way into the classroom in September. If you’re the kind of person that needs a full preparation for the glorious first day of school, more power to you. However, in order to make it as easy as possible, you have to keep the fun going! Keep in mind, “back-TO-school” does not mean “back-IN-school.”
Teach your kids to make their own lunch in “cooking camp”
This activity can seriously benefit parents and is super fun for kids. Put together a day “cooking camp” for the kids where they get to practice preparing the food they want to eat for lunch. They get to choose what they want to make (under your advisement, of course) and you get some much needed relaxation instead of morning lunch box preparation.
Have the kids make a checklist. Again, keeping up the fun while being organized!
Whip out the stickers, markers, and glitter! Get a hefty sized poster paper providing enough space for the masterpiece you kids are about to create. Those little Picasso’s get their chance to be creative and you get the chance to keep it organized. This is great for them to practice writing, get back in the habit of creating, and learning that there is fun in organization. Let’s cross our fingers they remember the organization part the most.
Chores for their budget: Have the kids help around the house to earn a higher budget for back-to-school shopping. The more they help the more cool back-to-school stuff they get! Parents, there is nothing wrong with putting your kids to work with a little incentive. This might mean cooler sneakers, an on-trend backpack, or more school supplies. Whether it’s organizing the snack cabinet, feeding the dog, or washing the car, remind them that all can be rewarded with more back-to-school “cool” gadgets. The great lesson they learn here is you have to work to get what you want and the more effort you put, the more you will achieve.
Make Back-To-School Review Fun! There are some awesome programs out there that combine quality gaming with school curriculum. Sitting your kid down with a practice book does the opposite of getting them excited for the new school year. In fact they will get quite discouraged and that is not what we all want. For example, like clockwork my mom would sit me down with word problems a good three weeks before school started and you could have cut the frustration with a knife. I advise you to not be THAT mom. Especially with technology these days, learning can be so fun and your child will appreciate you for it!
Pump them up! Boosting your kids confidence before the school year starts is the best thing you can do. A new school year can be incredibly nerve wracking for kids. Help your kids start the year with confidence by pumping them up! Tell them about all the awesome activities and friends they will make. Remind them of all the things they are great at and compliment them on their achievements. With their new built up confidence, the jitters will fade and they’ll hit the ground running from day one!

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