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Keeping Device Use Safe for Children

The Japanese city of Kariya has recently decided to enact a curfew for children ages 6 to 15, beginning April 1. The curfew, which is voluntary for parents to enforce, is the first of its kind – to deny children access to smartphones and tablets after 9 pm, when Japanese officials believe, parents may have limited availability to monitor their children’s online activities.

The thinking behind the curfew is to take the focus away from the instantaneous interaction of messaging and social media – which, in Japan, have given rise to claims of rampant bullying – and allowing for more restful nighttime routines. Kariya’s board of education and the 21 schools in the city all support the nighttime ban.

Electronic devices can be an effective tool, in helping children learn – when used properly. With estimates indicating that children spend an average of nearly two hours using electronic devices each day, there’s room to capture their attention with fun, engaging, educational content.

With the introduction of the ClickN KIDS Tablet, we wanted to ensure the safety of our young users, incorporating an interface specifically children. Kids Place comes with over 30 preloaded games including LooneyTunes Phonics and most importantly complete parental transparency. Kids Place allows parents not only monitor their kid’s activities, but also includes parental controls and child lock that both protects personal data and restricts kids from the adult sections of the ClickN KIDS Tablet.

Here are some of the Kids Place features:

  • Prevents children from buying or downloading new apps
  • Adults can set specific usage time for their kids to spend on the tablet.
  • Provides option to disable all wireless signals
  • Restarts apps if they are accidentally stopped by small children
  • Requires personal ID number to exit out of the app

Along with our other specialized interactive phonics, spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN KIDS Family Tablet, we’re sticklers when it comes to web surfing safety. When using our product, it has never been easier to protect your child’s identity and monitor their time usage.



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