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One Day In The Life Of A Millennial Kid.

The world is rapidly changing year after year, whether we notice it or not. We live our lives not noticing how almost every month someone comes up with yet another revolutionary gadget that completely turns our world around, after which we no longer imagine our life without it. Technology entered our homes full speed – some 15-20 years ago, which made you realize how big the generation gap is between you and your children. The generation you were raised in, whether it was the “Breakfast Clubbers”, the MTV generation” or even the Millennial is no longer relevant to the social evolution that acquired in the last 15 years. Your children are going to be forever known as the “HD” or “Why isn’t this touch screen?” generation. So what do all of these labels represent in the way kids are growing up today?

At the age of 13 I began babysitting my little cousins and then their friends and eventually I became what we’ll call a teenage super nanny. Adults were amazed with how well their kids listened to me and the fun they always had when I would babysit. During my time as a super-nanny I began to understand how much kids are simply addicted to technology and how that process occurs.

We are in the age of technology and innovation. Everything surrounding us is technology based: the internet, tablets, and smart phones. If you can remember back to about 15 years ago, also known as the “stone age”, as your kids might call it, when the only technology we had was a personal computer (which you shared with the whole family) and a flip phone, that was used strictly for your parents to reach you at any time you were not in their presence. Book stores were still in business, libraries were filled with people, and our daily lives did not revolve so heavily around our Tablets or GPS systems. Back in the “stone age” we went outside, used our imaginations, and created entertaining worlds for ourselves. So in a generation that is labeled “Why isn’t this touch screen?,” how do you balance a world of technology with creativity, exercise, and motivation?

Technology time restraints are KEY. 

Yes, it is extremely convenient to sit your child down with a tablet in their lap and observe as they magically become silent, no tears, no noise, it’s GREAT. However, there should always be a time limit to this bliss because with the wrong programs and video game applications, these tablets become unhealthy, brain-frying machines. Here is a typical day with Erica the Super Nanny to give you an idea of the time restraints I am talking about:

1. Breakfast (no brainer)

2. After breakfast play time: No technology involved… this is going to the park, running around in the backyard, going to the zoo, basically doing activities that inspire movement, and trust me, your child will tire out earlier and you will get the catharsis you need from 8 pm and on.

3. LUNCH: My favorite way to make lunch was always with the kids involved in the process, getting to choose what is on their sandwich or what veggies and fruit they want. This also gives them the opportunity to make some guided (healthy) decisions that give them a sense of control and build their confidence.

4. Post lunch… this is where the learning really happens and where the educated decisions about which are best ways you can teach your child the reading, writing, and math skills they need, whether it is phonics, practice workbooks, typing practice, and learning applications on your tablet or computer. Do your research, find effective learning games based on research and school curriculum that have your child’s brain working as they play on your tablet or in many cases their own.

5. Pre dinner play time: go bike riding around the neighborhood, jump on the trampoline, go swimming, the world is your child’s oyster.

6. Dinner (another no brainer). There should be no reason for a tablet or technology to be used during dinner. This is your chance to interact with the kids, ask about what they learned, talk about the day, and also plan what the day looks like tomorrow.

7. TECH Time: this is the hour to watch TV, play the games, be on the tablet etc. ONLY AN HOUR

8. Reading before bed. Make reading one book each day a minimum. Whether it is you reading to your child or the child reading, it is not only great practice but it is the ultimate pre-bedtime relaxer. Using a tablet to read to your kids, instead of a traditional book, will teach them that tablets are not only used for playing.

I understand that every day does not look like this but this is a basic process that helps not only bring structure and learning into everyday but also fun in all ways possible. I cannot stress enough how important it is to motivate your children to play outside, create, and learn. As they grow they will take all the motivation to heart and live healthier, smarter lives.

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  1. Liliya Segal
    Posted Wednesday 13 August 2014 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Great Article

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