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Setting a Good Example


There are three major steps you must take to give your child the best preparation any situation life brings. Set a good example Set a good example …Can you guess the third. . In my nanny-capaids, I spent quite some time at the playground, babysitting yet another adorable little kid. At the playground, I’ve seen […]

How Can Online Games Help Children in Kindergarten Prepare for School


Whether your child is already in school or headed that way, you want to do everything you can to help ensure their success. Our society has evolved into the digital age, therefore, many parents refer to educational online gaming communities as a way of enhancing those essential skills. However the question remains, can those online […]

Teaching Your Kids to Read At Home in 3 Easy Steps


If your child is struggling with learning how to read at school or just getting started on the learning path to reading, you are no doubt keen to work with her at home to enhance her education.  But when parents start looking at methods to help their children, the sheer number of methods for educating […]



What is a Phonics Reading Program   A phonics-reading program is computer software that teaches children and adults the different sounds that letters make.  You can then use the information to sound out words you have never seen before.  Unlike the old method of memorization, this reading program allows you to read words that are […]

Online Phonics


The Best Online Phonics Program   To find the best online phonics program, you need to understand what phonics is and how it can help your children.  Phonics is the teaching method that uses the sounds letters make to form words.  The children then learn the combinations of letters that make specific sounds.  Finally, they […]